Safety is the top priority when selecting a 4×4 tagalong tour company

4×4 tagalong tours gives you the opportunity to experience outback Australia from the comfort of your own vehicle. The first thing to find out when selecting a tagalong tour company is their safety procedures. Is there a pre-tour checklist? Have they asked you about your level of experience in 4 wheel driving? Have they asked about any medical conditions? Check out their safety record. Good 4wd tour companies will be happy to share their procedures for making safety a priority on your tagalong trip.

Travelling in Australia has some challenges. It’s a vast land and quite often there are large gaps between one destination and the next. It is no place to run out of fuel or have mechanical problems with your 4wd unless you are with an experienced tour guide heading up the tagalong tour.

Tracks 4×4 Tagalong Tours spends time getting all the information they need to provide you with the safety and comfort you expect. Adam, the tour guide has years of experience in 4 wheel drive adventures and will safely take you to the extremes of the Australian outback.

You might ask, is it safe and comfortable for women as well? Absolutely! Lynda is Adam’s wife and sometimes travels on the tagalong tours. If you have any questions about comfort for the girls on a 4×4 tagalong tour, Lynda will happily answer any questions.