Bundutec Rooftop Tent

There is a new addition on its way for the Tracks 4×4 Tagalong 6×6 200 series, just in time for the 2021 touring season I am about to install a Bundutec rooftop tent!

And what a bit of gear these little rippers are, I have gone for the 1600 wide version which will give us a little bit more space on those trips when Lynda is with me.

Over the years of travelling around I have been lucky enough to see almost every type of camping equipment, from basically every manufacturer. From the big heavy duty off road caravans to the simplest of swags and literally everything in between.

So why have I gone for the South African made Bundutec roof top tent? From looking at people fighting with all sorts of roof top tents over the years my opinion was they are more hassle than they are worth. And then Bundutec rooftop tents started appearing and people were no longer fighting with their tents. It did not even seem to make any difference to the pack up if the car was parked on uneven ground. This has always seemed to be a big issue with other manufacturers products with people fighting to get the tent in when packing away, not so with the Bundutec product.

The ease of operation is a key point, undo the clips and press a button, watch the tent rise up, when your done press another button down she comes, the canvas folds itself in on the way down redo the clips and you are good to go BRILLIANT!

The Standard features are better than most, 12 volt power outlet, LED light and 2 flush mount fans to keep the air circulating, and the roof is rated to carry 25kg and is flat. So what does the last bit mean? I am going to install one of the latest generation Trina Solar panels through one of my Enerdrive DC/DC regulators, the Trina has a massive 370w output, so keeping the 300a/h Enerdrive Lithium battery charged will be well sorted. For more information on the 12 volt system in the Tracks 4×4 Tagalongs 6×6 200 series Landcruiser look back through our previous posts on the building of this amazing vehicle.

The other great thing that I have noted with the Bundutec when on tour is how even when it is raining people can have the tent open, this obviously makes it much nicer to sleep in when on Cape York with high humidity. The reason you can do this is due to the built in awning, genius!

There are a couple of things that I am really looking forward to with this unit, firstly its another step towards making the camp just so quick and easy. This to me is very important as it allows me to devote more time to helping customers get the best experience on our tours. Then no matter how much I love my old swag and honestly I do there is always the odd night when you get into bed and there is a rock straight under your hip, yes that’s right you did not look closely enough as to where your swag was going to be. And then even though the 6×6 is a big girl, to not need to carry my swag or sleeping gear in the canopy releases back to me a lot of space which will also benefit my customers as I will be able to carry more useful equipment.

So all in all I am excited about our latest purchase, I will follow up with another post once I have installed it and used it.