Darling River Run Tagalong Tour

Have you ever wanted to take your own four wheel drive on a tagalong tour along the Darling River?  Join me, Adam from Tracks 4×4 tagalong on our Darling River Run Tagalong Tour.

Our tagalong tour starts in Brewarrina in Western NSW where we visit the timeless fish traps and spend an evening with the head of the aboriginal land council and listen to the history of this area, stretching back to 60000 years ago and if we’re lucky he will even cook us a feed!  The first night on our Tagalong tour we camp overlooking the Darling River . This section of the river has 68km of permanent water so we are guaranteed a water view!

We leave the river on our Tagalong tour for a night, and head to a high point to camp overlooking all the surrounding country, so bring your camera as this place has views that go on forever.

Over the next few days we visit the first mechanised shearing shed in Australia and yes it’s still standing! We’ll discover far western NSW national parks and the secrets they hold, spend a night at a real outback sheep station. We drive around the property visiting disused sheds and air strips and eventually a house that they just and left 60 years ago, still furnished and the pantry is still full! Seeing is believing on our tagalong tour….this place really is amazing.

Have a night at an outback pub, and let them cook for you, while you have a drink on the veranda and strike up a conversation with the locals…a great night is always to be had here. See the Boer war honour roll with the famous ‘Breaker Morrant’, Harry Harbord Morrants name on it.

From here we drive further west on our Darling River Tagalong tour, stopping by the river to stretch your legs at a now long gone Cobb and Co Hotel location. Ending up at beautiful Lake Pamamaroo, one of the lakes at Menindee in Far Western NSW. It is mid December as I sit here writing this article, campfire smoke drifting by, damper just out of the camp oven and golden syrup pot in hand…this place even at this time of the year is heaven.

In the morning we drive through Kinchega National Park stopping in at the old homestead and shearing shed before turning south and heading into the world heritage listed Mungo National Park where we will camp for two nights. Here will will explore the land and learn of the stories of ancient aboriginal history and the early European settlers. You cannot leave here without being moved.

On the last day of our tagalong tour you will stand where the Darling River collides with the mighty Murray River at Wenworth in South West NSW. Its here you will witness the different colours of the two rivers waters meet and eventually become one.

Our tagalong tour finishes here…so why not head into the South Australian Riverlands or maybe a slow meander up the Murray River? Need to get home? Its bitumen all the way back to Sydney from here.

For 2021 we are running this tour twice from the 13th-20th of June and again 10th-17th October.

If there is demand we are also thinking of running this tour in the last week of February.

Give Tracks 4×4 tagalong a call to have a yarn with me about this or any of our tours, you’ll be glad you did.

Our tagalong tours are great value trips, with the added security of travelling with someone who used to be a NSW Ambulance Officer with safety at the forefront of every tour.