Enerdrive Battery Systems

When getting ready for your Tagalong tour, it’s important to ensure your vehicle is up to the challenge. If you need help setting up your 4WD prior to touring, we are more than happy to help. Adam is a fully qualified electrician and has been modifying auto electrical systems since he was an apprentice over 30 years ago.

Auto electrical gear has come a long way over recent years, with better batteries and more efficient equipment making it easier to travel across the Outback. Lithium batteries are the latest way to run 12-volt electrics in your vehicle. The energy density is fantastic, with one lightweight Enerdrive battery systems lithium battery the equivalent of many older-style lead batteries.

Adam has been involved with Enerdrive equipment for years now, and he has a working knowledge of everything from their dual battery systems to their inverters. Adam is also a fully qualified refrigeration mechanic. He is available to assist you with gear installation to help make your trip more comfortable.

We live in the beautiful Hunter Valley of NSW and own a separate 2-bedroom apartment with its own kitchen and bathroom. If you would like to upgrade your vehicle prior to a tour, why not come to the Hunter, hire a car, and spend a night exploring the local vineyards while Adam works on your 4WD.

Please give Adam a call to discuss your requirements — we would be happy to welcome you.