Enerdrive Portable Dual Battery System

A customer came to me asking if I could install an Enerdrive Portable Dual battery system for him….”sure”, I said.

This customer owns a Discovery 5. These cars are not easy to install a permanent dual battery system in and I know of some installers who are laying the battery flat under the passenger seat as an option.

The other reason the customer wanted a portable option is that his son is a mad keen 4 wheel driver and would like to be able to use the system also. So I spoke with Andrew from Enerdrive about what I thought would be a neat easy option for the customer.

My thought was to buy a pre wired battery box, fit the 125 a/h Enerdrive Btec battery into it and then my early thought was to mount the DC/DC charger to the outside of the box, however this would make the box a little cumbersome and we would need to always be mindful of the DC/DC getting damaged.

Anyway, I jumped on the net and was looking at all of the battery box options, some were very expensive, some were full power stations with built in inverters, and then I stumbled onto the Adventure Kings website and found  an extra large box pre wired with cigarette outlet, 2 x Anderson plugs, 2 X USB outlets, all fused correctly, for the price of $64 delivered (normally $79). What a great option I thought…a larger box than the competition and wired! I could not buy the parts to build it for that.

My main interest though was the extra length in the enclosure. Could I now mount the DC/DC inside the box? Remembering that a Lithium battery does not emit explosive gases, unlike lead batteries. My only real concern here was heat related. Could the charger run efficiently in this confined space? So when Andrew delivered the Enerdrive gear, I showed him the box and ran him through my idea and he was perfectly happy with the design.

So I now had the approval from the manufacturer and the next step was to build it and the installation could be carried out. The Discovery 5, for this type of installation is actually very easy, as the start battery is located in the rear of the vehicle. Job done and a happy customer!

If you would like a system like this or any other 12volt solutions or solar, give me a call.

I have nearly 30 years experience as an electrician, and have completed hundreds of 12 volt projects.

Happy to have a chat about any of the options for your vehicle.