Madigan Line Tour

Tracks 4×4 Tagalong Madigan line tour, in the Northern Simpson Desert.

If you want remote travel, starry nights, and a glimpse into the lives of the early inhabitants, this is the tour for you.

We start our Madigan line 4×4 tagalong in Tibooburra in North Western New South Wales…what a great little town. Come and have a meal at the Family hotel the night before we set off and a drink in the front bar surrounded by Murals painted by some of Australia’s most famous artists.

On our first day of this 4×4 tagalong tour we will head from Tibooburra to Camerons corner. Stand at the marker post and have feet in different states!

From ‘The Corner’ we slowly, over the next couple of days, head to Birdsville, absorbing the grandness of the scenery and the harsh life the pioneers of this land must have endured.

You can’t go past Birdsville in far western Queensland without a beer and a photo outside the pub, the food is great too and the good news is, the Birdsville bakery is opening again for 2021…great for breakfast.

Soon Birdsville is behind us and we are having a go at Big Red on our 4×4 Tagalong. Will you make it one attempt? Always great fun and worth a cuppa at the top watching the antics of others.

Pushing further we are now in Simpson Desert country proper on our 4×4 tagalong, and soon hit the Madigan line travelling East to West. We are on the Madigan line for 5 nights…great stars out this way, so bring your telescope if you have one and if you like photography, get some great time lapse shots of the Milky Way.

After our time on the Madigan line it’s back to pioneering history and old homesteads…some habitable and some sadly no longer. Fancy a swim? We can all get wet in one of the artesian basins natural springs where we will also stay the night. Meet other Simpson Desert travellers and let them know how amazing the Madigan line was.

We then continue on our 4×4 Tagalong moving closer to Alice Springs on the old Ghan track. Come and see the marker post of Central Australia and also the geographical centre of Australia. Get a photo of you standing under the copy of parliament house’s flag pole, then we’re in to Alice and the end of the 4×4 tagalong for those who are leaving us here.

For those continuing onto our Central Australia 4×4 Tagalong tour, have a free day in Alice, restock, head out to the Old Telegraph Station, maybe check out one of the great museums, or just chill out and visit some of the art galleries. Find a cafe, taking in the amazing experience you have just had, and get excited about the Central Australia Tour.

New friends will join us here and then we are off again, this time to see some true icons of Central Australia. Uluru, Kings Canyon and Palm Valley to name only a few…….

Our tour dates for 2021 are 15th March to the 28th March for the Madigan line, then the 30th March to the 5th of April for the Central Australia tour.

We are then running these two again from the 11th of May till the 24th of May for the Madigan line and then the 26th of May till the 1st of June for the Central Australia Tour.

These are the best value for money 4×4 Tagalong tours around for the Madigan line and Central Australia.

Give Adam a call on 0408780072 to ask any questions.