What a fantastic Christmas we have had! Great family time, festive foods and rest.

Well, not quite the rest bit for us here at Tracks 4×4 Tagalong, between racing halfway across the state to deliver parts and advice to a mate who got into trouble (more on this story later), to travelling around and organising some exciting new destinations.

We have just announced our fantastic accommodated tagalong tour to the tip of Cape York! There will be a seperate post coming on this tour very soon. The tour is filling fast, so if you are interested, please call Adam on 0408780072 to find out more and to secure your place.

The one concern that I am hearing from potential customers though is “Can we get our money back if borders close?”. Now I cannot speak for any other company, but here at Tracks we guarantee a full refund less any non refundable costs associated with your tour, such as campsites and accommodation deposits taken out. Saying this though, last year we were able to furnish a full refund as the accommodation places that we had pre booked gave us a full refund.

When you transfer your deposit through to us, the funds are moved into a seperate bank account. With this account all we do is pay for items associated with your tour, and the money is there until we leave and there to offer as a refund if need be.

So where do we think we are for touring in 2021? We are awaiting the pending decision from the Central Lands Council on whether they will allow touring in the Northern Simpson as this affects our Madigan Line and the Hay River track tours. We have created an alternate route for our Simpson Desert/Hay River Track Loop tour if we are unable to use the Hay River track, crossing the Simpson twice, however if this option is not to the satisfaction of those already booked we will happily offer a full refund. Sadly, if we are unable to secure transit permits from the CLC for the Madigan Line we will have to cancel these tours, however again, for those of you already booked, rest assured, you will receive a full 100% refund.

Our, Darling River tagalong tour for those residing in NSW, will run, with the only concern that I can foresee being if NSW were to go back into a lockdown situation. Again, in this instance you will of course receive a full refund.

Our tours for Cape York this year I have purposely pushed into the second half of the year. Apart from from my particular love of the Cape and looking forward to getting back up there, it gives us the best chance of things returning to normal. I think everyone is hoping the vaccination program within Australia will be a success leading to all the borders remaining open. Our Cape trips usually attract people from all over Australia, and for the accommodated trip we already have a couple from Western Australia booked in, so we have to deal with the possibility of a bio security area being pronounced north of Laura like it was in 2020. We have the Queensland State Border which seems to close at the drop of a hat, then for those customers heading in from further afield we have the extra borders to contend with, so where does this leave you and your money with Tracks 4×4 Tagalong? With the uncertainty of our times, please don’t worry, plan your trip and stay positive and we will refund you if it comes to that with no issue at all.

So what tours will we run? Our intention is to run every tour we have posted on our website (Accommodated Cape York tour – call for details on this one) and then a couple of extras also. We will get to a Simpson tagalong tour this year, I am remaining positive on this and we’ll have a magnificent time touring the Darling, the Cape etc….fingers crossed! Sadly I can’t guarantee anything though…two years ago I could, but not now, but none of us can!

What do we need from you? We need you to book your tour of choice! We are still seeing strong support but to guarantee that we can run our tours in 2021 we need your confidence to make a booking, remembering with a solid company like ours you will get your money back. We found last year that as borders opened we were inundated with enquiries and many people were unable to secure the tour that they were hoping for. 

Give Adam a call with any enquiries and reserve your spot. All we ask for is a 20% deposit upon booking and then full payment 30 days out from departure…fully refundable.