Safety / FAQ

Tracks 4x4 Tagalong offers a unique Australian Experience in the Safety and Comfort of your own vehicle.

As a family-owned and operated business, Adam and the Tracks 4×4 Tagalong team offer fun and adventure in a package you can trust. Based in the beautiful Hunter Valley region of NSW, Adam has over 30 years experience operating 4WD vehicles in tough Australian conditions.

Adam’s previous business involved remote area solar systems in isolated parts of Australia, giving him valuable experience operating a 4WD vehicle in remote locations. Adam took time away from the electrical trade to become an NSW Ambulance officer in Sydney. He was then transferred to Outback Bourke, where he spent another 12 months as an ambulance officer.

Adam is a fully qualified 4WD operator, having completed advanced driver trainer courses in 4WD-ing and recovery. He has extensive experience travelling within Australia, including multiple Outback adventures with his own family. After 2 1/2 years camping remotely in Australia’s iconic Outback, Adam decided to share this love through the creation of Tracks 4×4 Tagalong.

Adam’s unique combination of medical training, 4WD expertise, and touring experience is a huge benefit to anyone who wants to explore the remote heartland of Australia. To ensure your safety, we carry a comprehensive 4WD recovery kit to assist with mechanical repairs. We have gained Eco Tourism accreditation in Nature Tourism from Eco Tourism Australia, and we provide a safe and authentic Outback experience you will never forget.

We don’t just take you for a ride — we supply comprehensive trip information and assistance with the setup of your 4WD vehicle. We can help with the installation of Enerdrive Battery systems, and we will take care of all the planning so you can relax and enjoy the adventure. We carry a fully stocked first-aid kit and defibrillator, along with a personal locating beacon (PLB), satellite phone, and mapping software at all times.


Q: We don't have experience with a 4WD vehicle — does this matter?

If you’re a beginner with your first 4WD, you can be assured of a safe and fun-filled trip. We can assist you with basic 4WD skills based on the terrain of each specific tour.

Q: What type of 4WD is needed for these tours? 

Depending on the location, you will need a 4WD vehicle with reasonably good ground clearance, along with a high/low transfer case. Family station wagons and other all-wheel-drive vehicles are not suitable for our tours.

Q: Does my 4WD need to be modified? 

When remote travel is involved, there are a few essentials. You need to have a UHF radio fitted for communication. Our team is able to hire or install one for you at your own cost. Most standard 4WD vehicles will be fine as long as you have good quality suspension and all-terrain tyres with at least 50% tread.

Q: Do I need to attend a 4WD training course? 

Our tours are accessible to everyone, including new 4WD owners and beginners. If you haven’t got much experience, don’t worry, we provide hands-on 4WD training to help you enjoy your Outback adventure.

Q: What happens if our vehicle breaks down?

In the rare event that a breakdown occurs, we will do our best to get you back on the road. If our qualified team can’t help, we will help you to a local garage for repair or recovery. We strongly recommend insurance and cover with your state motoring association (RACV, NRMA, RACQ, etc.). We carry a satellite phone so no one is ever truly stuck.

Q: Are trailers allowed on your tours?

On some of our Outback tours, an appropriate heavy-duty 4WD trailer can be accommodated. While trailers are not appropriate for all of our tours, we can discuss the details with you prior to booking.

Q: How far do we drive each day? 

Depending on the tour, we generally travel up to 300 km per day to help ensure your safety. Each route and itinerary is discussed around campfire drinks or morning coffee, with the travelling day generally starting around 8-9 a.m. before lunch at 12-1 p.m.

Q: Are children and pets allowed on your tours?

At Tracks 4×4 Tagalong, our family-owned and operated business is proud to accommodate all adventure lovers. From solo travellers to couples and families, exploring the great Australian Outback is a fun learning experience for people of all ages. Sorry, pets are not allowed on our tours due to National Park restrictions.

Q: What do we pack for the adventure? 

Going on an isolated adventure holiday can be confronting. But don’t worry — we’ve done it all before and are more than happy to help. Once you make a booking, we will provide you with a list of what to pack.

Q: What kind of camp facilities are available?

We stay in a mixture of designated National Park campgrounds, private campgrounds, and bush camps. Facilities vary widely, from nothing at all to hot showers and flushing toilets.

Q: What if I get sick? 

Adam is an ex-NSW Ambulance officer with extensive training and experience in first aid & safety. We carry a fully stocked first-aid kit with defibrillator and all the necessary communications equipment needed to contact relevant services in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

Q: How many people are on the tour, and who are our guides? 

Adam will be your guide on each trip, so everyone can benefit from his extensive knowledge of remote Australian and 4WDriving. While each trip is different, we usually have 4-8 cars in total depending on the tour.

Q: Do I need to bring food and drinks? 

Yes, you will need to provide all of your food and drinks for the period where we camp. On some tours, you will have the opportunity to purchase a meal at the local pub.

Q: Can I charge cameras, laptops, and phones? 

Yes, we have a fully equipped vehicle that is able to charge all of your electrical equipment when needed. However, limits may be placed based on the needs of other guests.

Q: Will there be phone and internet coverage? 

In some areas, depending on your network provider, there may be some coverage. However, due to the remote nature of these tours, you can also expect long periods with no coverage. We carry a satellite phone at all times.

Q: Do we need to pay for lots of extras?

Our tours are all-inclusive, including camping fees and entry permits to National Parks and Indigenous grounds. There will be an opportunity to enjoy third-party tours on some of our trips that have lay days, and this can be organised at your own expense.

Q: How do I book a tour?

Just go to the Bookings page on our website and complete the Booking Form. It’s that simple. If you want to have a chat about the details of any existing or potential tour, feel free to give us a call or drop an email for further information.

Q: Accesibility

We are a remote area touring company, we require a level of fitness to complete our tours, usually we are on rough terrain with no formed pathways. We sadly are unable to accommodate wheel chairs or infirm people on our tours

If you have safety additional questions, please contact our friendly support team.