Simpson Desert/Hay River Track Loop

What a cracker this 4×4 Tagalong is! The Simpson Desert/Hay River track loop is the best Simpson Desert trip you can do.

This 4×4 Tagalong tour starts and finishes in Birdsville in Far West Queensland. Let’s all meet the night before the tour begins for a drink or a meal at the world famous Birdsville pub. The next morning we are off on our 4×4 tagalong adventure and straight into the Simpson Desert. First stop Big Red…can you get up this dune on the first attempt? Once you are at the top, pull out a chair, knock up a brew, and enjoy the entertainment of others attempting this Simpson Desert Icon.

We cross the Simpson Desert East to West on our 4×4 Tagalong…a bit different to most, but I know you will like this way. On day one, we head south to start with, travelling between the dunes, before heading west.

After a couple of adventure filled days on our 4×4 Tagalong we make it to Dalhousie where the thermal spring awaits for a relaxing dip then on to Mt Dare for the night. Hot showers, hot food and cold beer await the Simpson Desert traveller here!

With everyone refreshed, we are off again in the morning for another great day on our 4×4 tagalong to the centre of Australia! Its then on to the sign post of past explorers for a well deserved bush camp and a simply stunning sunset. The next day we continue north on the old Ghan line stopping at the old steam train watering tanks and stations.

We’ll have a rest day in Alice to grab some supplies, cruise the mall, pick up a piece of art, visit the old Telegraph station….the choice is yours.

After Alice we turn East heading into the Macdonnell ranges as far as we can go, before heading North onto the Plenty Highway. A quick refuel at Jervois station and we are onto the beautiful Hay River track for a run between the dunes next to the ancient river bed.

Ending up, 12 days after we left, back in Birdsville.

What a trip! Loads of memories, new friends and dreams of your next Simpson Desert adventure.

Call Adam on 0408780072 for more information about this or any of the Tracks 4×4 Tagalong tours. 

Our Simpson Desert Hay River Track tour will run in 2021 from 27th April to the 8th of May