Canning Stock Route: Great Central Rd, Yulara to Halls Creek


So you want to undertake the most challenging 4wd adventure in Australia? Well, you are on the right website! This is Adams favourite tour and if you have read anything about the Canning, times everything by at least two, this is THE best track in Australia! Big statement we know, but this track has it all, sand dunes, Australian scrub, endless starry nights, remote isolation, and an amazing history.

Experience the wonders of remote Australia on the 4WD trip of a lifetime. The Canning Stock Route is the longest historic stock route in the world, running from Wiluna in the mid-west to Halls Creek in the Kimberley region of WA. Named after its creator, surveyor Alfred Canning, and covering a total distance of around 1,850 km, this journey covers some of the most isolated and magnificent country in Australia. The track was originally put in to bring cattle down from the North and on this trip you will marvel at how they not only found water out here, but then had the energy to dig these wells, some as deep as 20m!

In 2023 we are again offering this Canning Stock Route tour, starting at Yulara, travelling south north, setting off on the Great Central Road, stopping along the way at Lasseter’s Cave and Docker River to enjoy the ancient landscapes and star-filled skies.

The Canning Stock Route is a popular and challenging 4WD trek which takes 24 days to complete. While a few brave adventurers have completed the track in standard vehicles, on bicycle, or even on foot, a 4WD is the only real way to travel. There are only two small settlements on the Canning track where you can obtain fuel and other supplies, so it’s important to be prepared and travel with an experienced guide.

Getting to know how much fuel your vehicle will go through is imperative to the success of your trip, but hey, this is why you are putting your trust in Tracks 4×4 Tagalong we will give you all the advice and help you require to set your vehicle up.

On day one of this tour we head out towards Kata Tjuta, where there is a turn to the left, a road many a traveller has yearned to follow….and today it’s your turn! This is the Great Central Road, the road we will be on all the way to Laverton in Western Australia. From here we head up to Wiluna and the start of the Canning Stock Route. This is our last opportunity to stock up and from Wiluna to our next fuel stop is 1000km of remote travel!

We’ll stop at each historic well, revelling in the history and solitude and camping along the way. We will have a rest day at the alluring Durba Springs, before heading north as the scenery changes from Australian scrub to iconic desert landscapes.

We visit Karlamilyi National Park — Western Australia’s largest and most remote National Park, where we can have a swim and a well deserved rest day. After there, we return to the track where we continue in the footsteps of Alfred Canning and the old drovers before venturing on to Billiluna, Wolfe Creek, and Halls Creek.

Starting in Yulara gives you time to get check out Uluru and surrounds before the tour, or why not do one of our other tours before the CSR? We have put together a very special Simpson Desert Central Australia tour which ties in with this tour, so if this interests you, check out the link.

This tour has plenty of time to take it all in. We will have a few two night stops, visit nearby national parks, side trips from the Canning, and generally explore as much as we are able, and then 24 days after leaving Yulara we arrive at Halls Creek in Western Australia. It will take you a while to acclimatise to what you see here. Normally you would think it is a small town, but not today, after 24 days of remote travel, Halls Creek will appear big with easy access to supplies!

Does this whet your appetite?

If this or any other tour that Tracks 4×4 Tagalong offer interest you, please give Adam a call on 0408780072



24 days
$$6595 2024, $6795 2025
  • 13/5-5/6 '24
  • 8/5-31/5 ‘25


  • Experienced trip leader with first aid skills and all communication equipment
  • Central Land Council Permits
  • Canning stock route permits
  • All camping fees
  • Cost is for 2 people in 1 vehicle additional adult $500 child u/14 $350


  • This is a self catered tour, so no meals are provided