Simpson Desert/Hay River Track Loop


Along with our Madigan line tour, we offer an alternative, a 13 day Simpson Desert Loop including Hay River track adventure — one of Adam’s favourite trips. During this trip, you will visit the geographical centre of Australia and visit the marker post of the early explorers … more on this when you book the tour!

The Simpson Desert contains the world’s longest parallel sand dunes. These north-south-oriented dunes are static, held in position by vegetation and varying in height from 3 to more than 30 metres. The most famous dune, Nappanerica or Big Red, is 40 metres in height.

Over the years we have had a lot of guests who have requested a Simpson Desert tour that starts and finishes in the same location, a loop, so we came up with this tour. And as we said earlier, a favourite of Adams! We meet up the night prior to departure in the iconic Birdsville hotel, where a delicious meal can be purchased. It’s a great place to meet your fellow travellers and a good night will be had by all. Most guests will stay at the Caravan park tonight, but if you want, why not book a room at the historic hotel?

The first morning of the tour for many is the most exciting, this is what you have been planning and dreaming about…your first sand dune! Air down in the tyres and we are into it, only a thousand or so more to navigate before Alice Springs! Tonight you will experience those magnificent desert stars, sitting around the fire and taking in natures light show.

We spend the next couple of days navigating the desert before popping out at a little tin shed oasis called Mount Dare, hot showers, hot food and a shed full of other travellers who you are able to yarn with over a beer at the bar.

Today we drive some great outback tracks , stopping in at the Geographical centre of Australia before heading to one of our favourite camp spots at a remote marker post, watching the sun set and rise, giving Uluru a run for its money any day of the week!

From here, the next day is an easy run to Alice Springs, driving past the airport, and if Covid is still impacting the worlds airlines and you love planes the sight here will amaze you, with planes parked nose to tail everywhere! There is so much to see and do in Alice Springs…enjoy your time, stock up and visit the old Telegraph station, one of the museums or the botanical gardens.

After the refresh of Alice we head out to the East Macdonnell ranges and here we will go as far as we can and stay the night a Ruby Gap, always stunning and a great drive into.

From here we join the Binns track for a while, winding our way to our last fuel stop before the beginning of the Hay River track. More wonderful night skies and exciting tracks before returning to our start point of Birdsville.

What a trip you have just travelled, through two states and a territory and returning back to our start point. On the way you have collected new friends and memories that will live with you forever.

For any more information on this tour or any of the other tours Tracks 4×4 Tagalong offer please give Adam a call on 0408780072



13 days
  • 30/3-11/4 '24
  • 14-26/4 '24
  • 10-22/8 '24


  • Experienced trip leader with first aid skills and all communication equipment
  • Desert Parks pass
  • Hay River Track permit
  • All National Park and indigenous lands permits
  • Camping fees
  • Price is for 2 people in 1 vehicle, additional adult $350 child u/14 $200


  • This is a self-catered tour so no meals are provided
  • Tours you undertake on rest day at Alice Springs