The list of the best 4 wheel drive tagalong tours are:

The Northern Simpson Desert 4×4 tagalong experience

Driving your own 4 wheel drive vehicle through the Simpson Desert and specifically the Northern Simpson Desert  via the Madigan Line and the Corner Country. The ancient red desert is large enough to cover South Australia, Queensland and Northern Territory. 4×4 Tagalong tours with Tracks take you through Alice Springs and Birdsville where the famous Australian Race Day is held.

The Cape York in North Queensland

Heading north from Port Douglas on the magnificent Queensland Coast and heading for Cooktown. Park your 4 wheel drive in the camp by the ocean. The next stop in this tagalong tour is Lakefield National Park and then drive on to the Old Telegraph where your true 4 wheel drive adventure begins.

The Gulf Country Savannah

From the comfort of your 4 wheel drive on a tagalong tour you will see some of the most spectacular Australian outback and if you are with experienced tagalong operators you will be safe and get to hear about the history and features of the Australian Gulf Country. Travelling from Cairns to Mataranka bringing you close to Darwin Northern Territory.

These are just some of our favourite 4×4 tagalong tour destinations. Your checklist for planning a trip should consider the safety and care the Tour Company provides. The Australian outback is not a place for the inexperienced adventurers. Check to see if they will provide some basic training and care for your 4 wheel drive vehicle and follow the instructions on what equipment is needed to ensure your tagalong tour is one you will remember for all the right reasons.