Safety is the most important factor in choosing a 4×4 tagalong tour company.

Tagalong Tours are one of the safest ways to explore the many wonderful destinations in outback Australia. You have the comfort of your own vehicle and so the only other thing you need is to be following an experienced tour guide.

These simple questions need to be answered before heading off on your 4 wheel drive adventure and help in selecting the best tagalong tour operator.

Has the tour company asked me about our health? This is only to ensure that should something go wrong they will have some history and be able to prepare for possible problems.

Have they asked and checked the condition of your vehicle? Breaking down in the middle of a 4×4 tagalong tour is not any fun.

Have they asked about your own safety equipment carried on your 4 wheel drive vehicle? Good Tagalong Tour companies will provide you with a checklist.

Is you tagalong tour operator experienced? Just ask the question and do some research.

Does the 4×4 tagalong tour company have the right permits required for your Australian outback journey? Not all of the Australian outback can be crossed without permissions from the owners.