What vehicle do you really need for a tagalong tour?

A topic that comes up all the time when I am talking to people is what type of 4×4 do we need to join your tagalong tours.

I personally have the Tracks 4×4 tagalong 6×6 Landcruiser which is a very heavily modified 200 series Landcruiser. To find out more about this vehicle you can read my series of articles about the 6×6. 

As a member of my tours you definitely do not need a vehicle like this!

I carry extra fuel, water, first aid kit, defibrillator, recovery gear and spare parts, to name just a small amount of what we lug around.

So what do you need?

An absolute must is a vehicle that has been well maintained and serviced. You will need a light truck tyre to be fitted as these are much stronger than the standard tyres your 4×4 comes with, and offer much better puncture resistance.

You will need a UHF radio but if you don’t have one we can hire you one for the duration of the tour.

Factory suspension is ok but keep your weights down. Original factory shocks have a tendency of overheating when the vehicle is heavy and covering big distances on corrugations.

An aftermarket suspension set up is a very good investment and will enable you to carry a bit more weight safely, with more comfort with less chance of issues, whilst still obviously keeping the weight within what the manufacturer states for your vehicle.

The absolute number one for any traveller is your weight….think about it, do you need the frying pan and the bbq?

For any help in safely setting up your 4×4 for Cape York, the Simpson Desert, The Canning Stock route, perhaps a run along the Darling River or the Corner country, I am happy to help with any questions.